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a difference in opinion

an ikarishipping community

the Paul/Shinji x Dawn/Hikari community
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A Difference of Opinion
the paul/shinji x dawn/hikari community

♠Welcome to A Difference of Opinion, the livejournal Ikarishipping community. This community is dedicated to the pairing of Paul/Shinji x Dawn/Hikari from the anime series Pokemon. Please take a moment to read over a few ground rules before posting.


Stay on topic. All posts must revolve around Ikarishipping in some way or form. Trolling or spamming is not allowed.

Be polite. Different people like different things. There will be no flaming in this community. Please be respectful towards one another. Your opinions are just that-- opinions. Please be aware of this. That being said, you are free to discuss those differences in opinions, as long as they are connected to Ikarishipping and are not just flaming. If you have any issues, please contact me.

Use proper grammer. I can understand spelling mistakes and grammatical errors-- not everyone's first language is English, after all. However, I do ask that you check your spelling and read over your post before posting. Also, do not use chatspeak. Period.

Lock Explicit Work. All fanworks of a explicit nature must be locked.


♠You are allowed to post anything at all, as long as it pertains to Ikarishipping. This includes, but is not limited to, fanfiction, fanart, icons, discussions, and amvs.

Fanfiction. I ask that you use the general format below when posting fanfiction. Feel free to add to it.


Here's a simple copy & paste version:

Fanart. I ask that you place any images behind a lj-cut, no matter what the size.

Icons. Have no more then three preview icons outside of the cut.

Tagging. Tag all of your entries with the appropriate tags. The system is fairly simple in this community-- if you're posting fanfiction, then tag it as 'fanfiction', icons are tagged as 'icons', and so on and so forth. Do not make duplicate tags that mean the same thing.


♠There's only one moderator right now. That would be me, kitsuneasika. To contact me, either PM me or leave a comment on this post.


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If you'd like to affliate with ikarishipping, ask here.

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